Do You See What I See?

regular sunflower 004 (900x600)The sunflower is getting ready to burst forth!!! I need to have my camera ready before Tanner tries to eat it too!

Macro tomato and crepe myrtle 010 (900x600)AND!  I planted this volunteer crepe myrtle in the tomato planter box after they were all done. And look what shot up in the middle of it!!! A tomato plant! And two more, but this one has gone to town. I’ve looked at this growing crepe myrtle daily, trying to figure out where to plant it, so I swear the tomato plant suddenly appeared out of nowhere today when I went to take a picture of the crepe myrtle.

Okay, really, really late. I had to ship bears, and I’m losing my day faster than I can allow!

Have a great day!!!


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