Monday Vanished!

In a sea of edits.

Working on Between a Wolf and a Hard Place. and need to turn this in because edits are coming for SEAL Wolf Undercover, and need to finish White Wolf Christmas, which had to be put on hold.

Okay, so how many times do I need to tell the editor that YES, people can howl. Lift your chin and howl! Can you? Of course you can. Maybe not as wolfish as a wolf can, but you CAN howl. They have howl-ins at some wolf reserves! Wolf biologists have howled to gather packs. Believe me, they didn’t turn into wolves first to do it either. There was a guy wearing a wolf suit in New Orleans on a street corner playing “Werewolves of London” and howling every once in a while. And he was good. If wolves had been in the area….

At the wolf reserve near White Bear, one of the keepers there howled for us that night, trying to get the wolves to howl. They didn’t, but sometimes they would when she did it.

So it’s not just with my world, but in the REAL world, people can howl! lol They can bark and woof and….

So I’m on chapter 5, have 21 chapters, so as soon as I’m done with this, I’ll be back to White Wolf Christmas. 18,000 words left to go. I was editing what I’ve written on that too.

lots of sunflowers, tanner 900x600See all the sunflowers on this plant??? And Tanner right next to it? Hopefully when it opens, he won’t see them. 🙂

closeup sunflower Tanner 900x600Okay, so ANY DAY now, right? lol Is this like a watched pot won’t boil?

Off to have a great edits day!

Hope you have a great one too!


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2 thoughts on “Monday Vanished!

    • Lol, he is such a monster, full of the devil this morning. I was taking out Halloween decorations, and he grabbed a plastic bag and ran. Then he dug a kleenix from the trash, and something else I have no idea where he got it from, so I’ve been taking all his “toys” away from him. He’s happy. He’s just having fun. 🙂 Making me run!

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