Capturing Wings on Speed!

hummingbird, 200 ISO, 4,000, 3.5f 008 text, creamy bokeh 900x900. psd

butterfly in flight 4000, 3f, dusk 003 900 bokehI think I’ve got it!! Okay, so you know how fast hummingbirds move, but this butterfly flips around so fast, I couldn’t capture him at all. I used 200 ISO, 4000, 16f, and it looks like he stood still just for a moment.

butterfly in flight 4000, 3f, dusk 007 upside down, text 900x600He was upside down, right side up, you name it!

Have a super great day! I’m off to write and then going to a ladies’ luncheon. 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Capturing Wings on Speed!

  1. Terry thanks for sharing, HUMMER & BUTTERFLY ARE AWESOME
    you have lots of patience , what plant is that ? don’t know to many names of flowers

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