Playing with Pixlr

purple-sun-ray-at-sunset-kaleidoscope-640x427-wolf-caught-up-in-the-rainbow-of-lgihtThe original picture was a Scottish Highland setting, the purple lights caught in the photo, and I added a howling wolf, but I was having fun at Pixlr, a free photo editor and thought their kaleidoscope filter was pretty cool.     #pixlr

purple-sun-ray-at-sunset-640x427This was the original photo I shot. 🙂

Okay finished edits on Between a Wolf and a Hard Place and am back to finishing up White Wolf Christmas!

Have a fun day!!


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2 thoughts on “Playing with Pixlr

  1. Happy Thursday Terry
    Wow, I love your photos, they are fun !
    thanks for the link to pixlr , I just downloaded the app, will need some time to figure how it works 😉

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