Playing around with Photoshop & Bound by Danger

macro-shot-of-flowers-and-sabine-and-zoerro-wolvesI learned how to create a signature as a brush. And how to add highlights to the letters, though I hadn’t done anything with this one and it just popped up that way. lol

Do you ever do things you’re clueless about and you have no idea why?

Anyway, these are pictures I took of a macro shot of crepe myrtle, and a regular shot of Zoerro, and Sabine in a compilation. She died, which was so sad, but they had become great friends.

Playing around with covers some more.

bound-by-danger-cover-new-water-900I loved this photographer’s shot, but the water was gray, foaming, waves, but no matter how I tried to colorize it, it wasn’t working. So I added water from two different photos, and I liked it much better.

In this story, I used the location of where I’d worked on active duty at Fort Hood. Two news stories had caught my attention at the time. One of the majors I worked with was being framed for selling arms to the enemy during the war, only he was just the general’s aide, and the general was the one responsible. So the Austin newspaper was following the story to ensure that he didn’t get crucified because he was in the wrong position at the time–and the little guy. Another story had just occurred too, and this one was about an unscrupulous literary agent–a scammer, who was asking for money from eager authors, who believed they would finally publish their baby through him. He was up on charges all over the place, changing his name, and fled to Canada, and had made over a million dollars in the fraudulent scam. He didn’t stop either. But he’d take everyone’s money, pretend he was busy reading their manuscripts, and they’d never hear from him again.

So I combined the two stories and created a fantasy, of sorts. She has future visions, and he’s a federal agent looking into her brother who worked for the literary agent. But they’re on a collision course with disaster as things heat up between them and people want her dead because she just knows way too much…

I actually started these characters in Deidre’s Secret when she was a teen in a YA story. I fell in love with the sister and brother and so then they had their grown-up story.


Bound by Danger

Army officer Deidre Roux has hidden her psychic abilities until now. But ominous visions plague her and between the martial arts tactics her twin brother taught her and the hand-to-hand combat she learned in the Army—she’s realizing just how important these skills are for her well-being.
When a reporter moves in next door, she’s not sure just what to think. Dave Carter owns a gun—it is Texas—and comes to her rescue when her brother suddenly drops into her life again. From there it’s the normal stuff that women and men tend to do when they’re getting to know each other—boating, swimming, dancing—except for one thing…she’s trying to keep her secret under wraps at all costs, which is difficult to do when she’s under surveillance by the FBI, and people keep wanting her dead.
Could a reporter, who’s not really a reporter, prove he might just have what it takes to keep her safe–for the long run?

Okay, 2,000 more words to go on White Wolf Christmas!! Have a super day!!

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