Sometimes Shooting in Idiot Mode is the Best for Me!

Okay, so not really idiot mode. They don’t have automatic mode for nothing. But yeah, sometimes, I just have to go back to shooting like that and skip the manual because, ack, it’s not working for me!

Case in point–I read what the experts are saying they use for settings on capturing great butterfly shots. Done. Disaster. All completely ruined, overexposed shots. No fixing them.

So I went to auto, and yep, it worked! Could they have been better in manual? Maybe, but not the way I’d set my settings. 🙂  And I think I have dyslexia when it comes to figuring out how to set things. One of these days it will be automatic for me. But right now, it’s totally trial and error.  And lots of error! 🙂

butterfly-orange-900-017Hope you are having a great weekend!!! 🙂

I need 68,000 on Double Cougar Trouble! And I need to think up the story ideas for the next 3 wolf books. 🙂

AND, if you didn’t know, A Very Jaguar Christmas is releasing on Tuesday!!

AND,  Enchanting the Highlander is only 99 cents right now. Five brand new stories. After the first week of release in November, it will be $4.99, and then at the end of November, no more. We will be unpublishing Kissing the Highlander and Enchanting the Highlander then. So be sure to get yours if you want the set before then. 🙂 After that, you can still buy the individual novellas though.

Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

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