Finding the Muse

Everyone needs to find the muse. Not just photographers or writers or artists.

Yep. What motivated you, inspires you to do anything?

Yesterday as I was writing my wordcount on Double Cougar Trouble, I kept seeing tons of butterflies fluttering all over the pentas flowers. And house finches at the feeder. And you know, the camera is sitting right next to me. Oh, and the puppies were playing. So everything was being my muse, for photography. So I quickly opened up another page on how to shoot the right shutter speed for ridiculously fast moving butterflies. Well, for them, it’s not ridiculous. For me…ahem…

So I put the camera back in manual mode, figuring with the new settings, I was bound to get some more of the really overexposed shots, but this one worked. I tried posting the link, but it’s giving a bunch of stuff when I only want to add the link. So just look up: motion-shutter-speed-freeze-blur.2-orange-butterflies-clear-900

The other thing I needed a muse for was Photoshop manipulation. So while I half watched a ghost story set in England around 1920, I also watched several photoshop manipulations. They don’t give details exactly on how it’s done, but I was watching them and maybe if I keep watching them over and over, I’ll finally see what it is they’re doing so I can do the same. I had seen them on my laptop, so not  sure what the site was. But here is one that I thought was pretty cool that I found on another site.

Ghost Love Story – Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

And the reason for looking into this more is that I am working on a cover, and I want to make it better. I’m still not happy with it, so will have to keep trying.

raven-by-brick-and-lantern-900This was one I was playing around with, but I know I haven’t really gotten my light sources right. This is not the one for the cover though. Or maybe it will be eventually. The one I’m working on is Double Cougar Trouble, and once it looks like I want it to look like, then it will also be my muse.

Now I need to get my house cleaned up for my son’s visit. And you see, that’s my muse!

Have a great one!!

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