Just Me and My Puppies

My son and Mishka left on their 13-hour drive home and of course, my puppies are looking for her because she’s supposed to be here. They also love my son. I’m sure for the next few mornings, they will run to her bedroom door, knowing she’s in there waiting for us to bring her out. My son was so hot here–between coming home from Alaska, and then landing into Omaha, Nebraska where it’s been a lot colder, he couldn’t acclimate to the Texas heat and humidity. Which meant keeping my AC way down lower than I normally do. So I’m hoping the house warms up soon. lol

double-cougar-trouble-shadowed-different-hair-light-source-900I was “goofing off” either working on promo stuff for the new release, writing a little, and visiting with my son, so now it’s back to work on the story and making some real progress!

Here are my kids giving me “The Look.” I’m not sure what I was doing, or said, but…this was the response. lol


But hey, we can make up some good stories, right???

My good friend has some giveaways! So be sure and drop by her blog!

Nancy Badger: Smoke


Have a super TGIF! 🙂 <3

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  1. Thanks for sharing !
    what is this Double Cougar Trouble ?
    is my brain behind….as In I have lost son information ???

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