Shooting in the Wrong Light

blaine-and-all-3-doggies-900-071Usually my dogs are good at sitting still for a picture, but Tanner kept leaving place as I was trying to take this one. It wasn’t the perfect time to take photos, but my son was running over to play games with my daughter and SIL, so it had to do. It was soooo hot, but this morning, it’s delightfully cold. Wouldn’t you know. But you see that man’s best friend is looking adoringly at her daddy?  Mine weren’t paying any attention to me. lol

Here’s another picture of the giant Tiger Swallowtail. In this one, I managed to get a picture of it side view. Now remember, this butterfly’s wings were going a million miles a second. He wasn’t sitting still like it looks here. The only way to capture this shot was to change the setting to manual and set the aperture, etc, to catch speedy movements! Again, not the best time to take photos, but, I have to take them when the critters are about. He hasn’t been back since that one day. So catch them, or lose the shot entirely.

tiger-swallowtail-bokeh-sideview-001Allergies are getting me down. I always think when it gets cold it should kill off all the allergens. But it seems to make them worse. One time, when I was feeling like I do this morning, I went to see the dentist because my teeth hurt so bad. He told me it was sinuses. And sure enough, between allergy medicine that helps you to drain, not dry you up, because that can be worse, and over-the-counter pain medicine, the pain finally subsided.

It’s really hard to write when your teeth and head hurt, but if my hero and heroine and all their cohorts have to deal with pain and suffering, I can deal with it too! So onward and upward! 49,000 words left to go!

Have a super great day!!

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