Exercise and Photography!

Okay, last time I took a walk to the park, my strap came off my camera and the camera hit the sidewalk. I was lucky. It only jarred the scan disks, but it meant no pictures. This time, I dumbly changed my setting, and should have left it like it was. But I did manage to take a couple of beautiful photos.

Now, I take the dogs for a walk, they’re dead right now, because they chased a St Bernard puppy back and forth across the parks. I was in the little one. He was in the big one.

But here are a couple of photos on the walk there.


And one of Tanner and the St Bernard.

I kept telling myself I wanted to walk. It was really cold this morning. For us. I kept telling myself I needed to write. Getting ready to take the dogs for a walk is a major effort. And taking pictures while I’m walking them can be too. But, I’ve gotten to the point where they will lie down when I pull out my camera. I stand on their leash so they’re not going anywhere, and then shoot away. 🙂

I just wish I’d left my camera on its original settings. I kept telling myself when it got cooler I’d start walking. So this was the beginning. 🙂 And I did get half of my word count before I walked, so off to do the rest.

Have a super great day!!

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2 thoughts on “Exercise and Photography!

  1. Good for you!! I need to walk later. It was just too Frosty earlier today. I didn’t want to put on all that clothes. So now, I need to do some work on my computer. So, I have to buckle down too Terry. We do want that Double Cougar Trouble book written. *laughing*

  2. lol, yes! Oh, I was like that this morning too. It was too cold for me. So I wrote for a while first. 🙂 I’m having lunch and then back to it. 🙂

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