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Trees at a foggy scenery

Trees at a foggy scenery


Heart of the Huntress Series, Book 1


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About: Killing the Bloodlust


Crystal Anderson is unique, a huntress who is unable to kill vampires without getting emotionally involved. So when a vampire targets her to be his mate–she’s got to change her tune, or become the creature she’s supposed to kill. Hunter Robert Parker is in Texas to take down the vampire that murdered his sister. When he runs into Crystal, his priorities become something much graver.


Army officer Crystal Anderson can’t help the draw she has to vampires, although she’s supposed to be drawn to them to kill those who are renegades since she’s a born huntress. But something about her is different. Ostracized from her family, she lives precariously on her own. That is until a local vampire targets her. Then she meets a fellow Army officer Robert Parker–who she believes is one of them–a vampire or blood host, or something. Suddenly, nothing is the same. Army officer Robert Parker is on assignment at Fort Hood, Texas, trying to track down the vampire who murdered his sister after hours. When he spies Crystal coming out of a vampire house, he assumes she’s a human host, and that she can lead him to his murderer. Except he’s drawn to her like a hunter would be to a huntress, until he learns she’s not quite right. She’s fighting alone without a family of hunters’ support, and he’s bound to do something about it before she gets herself killed…or worse.








To my Rebel Romance Writer critique partners who loved my vampires, even if they were the bad guys in this book and encouraged me to continue writing them. This was the beginning of my huntress/vampire world, which is a little different from the world I now create for vampires…hope vampire lovers all over the world enjoy.

“A must read for lovers of vampire lore.”—Joletta, Fallen Angel Reviews

“Interesting story with a fast-paced plot”—Tara Black, The Romance Studio



Chapter 1


Vengeance be mine, Robert Parker thought as he headed for the house where the vampire was supposed to be residing who had killed his sister.

Robert was a hunter, a warrior, like others of his kind, whose DNA had been altered during the Black Death. Some, like him, had become hunters of vampires, while others, the blood suckers. It was in their genes—those who had lived through the deadly plague—whether they needed blood, or could recognize the vampires for what they were.

Both of their kinds were stronger, able to fight one another on more equal ground, the only way to protect the humans from extermination. But he was destined to eliminate those who had targeted hunters and humans alike, his whole world having been turned upside down when the vampire rogue, Yorovitch, had murdered his sister.

Now, he eyed the two-story house, the first clue that he’d dug up that revealed Yorovitch had frequented the place. Any who hid or protected the bastard would face the same end.

He sharpened his sword, the ancient weapon having been used to bring down vampires for centuries and would no doubt continue long after he was dead.

Only Robert Parker didn’t plan to die today.


As a born huntress, who should be paying the bills by eliminating rogue vampires, Crystal Anderson wasn’t the same as her kind. She was an oddity, a mutation, something that wasn’t quite right. Which was the reason she served in the U.S. Army and avoided hunting vampires as much as she was able. But one vampire—Nicolai—head of a local vampire family in Killeen, Texas, was quickly changing her rules.

Crystal opened the door to her dark apartment after a long day at the office as a 1st Cavalry Division Safety Officer at Fort Hood, her most gruesome duty—briefing the commanding general on the deaths of three male soldiers. Except they hadn’t been in Texas but Mexico when they had died. International incident? Three soldiers, three soiled doves, all asphyxiated because of a faulty heater in a sleazy motel. She sighed, hating to have to brief the general on any kind of fatality. But especially this one.

Before she shut the door to her apartment with thoughts of kicking off her combat boots and watching something light and fluffy on TV, a whiff of spicy male scent drifted to her. A sense of foreboding instantly filled her. Her stomach clenched. Where had she smelled that scent before? And why was it in her apartment?

With trepidation, she groped for the light switch, then flipped it on. Just as she’d feared, the place remained as black as an underground cave. Heartbeat quickening, she slipped her hand into her black leather purse, pulled out a retractable knife, and dropped the bag on the living room carpet.

Snapping the knife open—a blade forged in Medieval fires, blessed with strange incantations, passed down from generation to generation, and one of the best weapons for eliminating a vampire—she stepped forward, leaving the front door ajar in case she needed to make a hasty retreat. Her knee came in contact with the sofa. Using her hand to feel her way around, she bypassed the loveseat. Not one to give in to flights of fancy, she skirted the coffee table, then headed for her portable phone.

After grabbing the phone, she turned it on, and raised it to her ear. No dial tone. Either her bedroom phone was off the hook or the line had been cut. The electricity being off wasn’t a coincidence.

Time to depart and regroup. She dropped the phone and hurried for the door. And stopped abruptly.

The door was closed tight. She’d never even heard it click shut. Contemplating her next move, she felt her stomach muscles tighten. How could she get caught without a backup plan?

Her phone suddenly rang, jarring her already raw nerves. A shiver slithered down her spine. She whipped around to face the phone. Whoever had turned off the electricity was in the house. And he’d managed to hang up both her phones, and then dial her number.

Taking a deep breath, she attempted to control the panic rising in her blood. The tantalizing spicy scent drifted to her again. Then she recognized it. Nicolai’s scent. The devil himself and her main target if she could get him in her sights. How did he get in without an invitation? Maybe he’d used vampiric mind control to convince her apartment manager to let him in. Damn. She should have bought a place of her own, though on her Army salary, she really couldn’t afford one right now. Nor had she wanted the fuss of yard work or the myriad of troubles associated with home ownership.

The phone ceased to ring, and her voice message spoke over the answering machine.

Games. He loved playing with her to show how clever he was, and how powerless she could be. She took another deep breath. Nicolai stood close, but where? Her eyes couldn’t adjust to the dark, but she knew the position of every piece of furniture. She wasn’t totally disadvantaged, unless he had moved things. Then again, his night vision vastly surpassed hers. Most likely he watched every move she made. More gooseflesh erupted.

What was he waiting for? He wanted to prolong her fear…taste it. But she was determined not to show how rattled she was.

She crossed the carpeted floor to the kitchen. Her combat boots smacked the tile in her haste while the legs of her camouflaged green fatigues rubbed against each other with a swishing sound, the only noise in the deathly quiet. Easing a drawer open, she attempted to locate her flashlight. Her trembling fingers touched cold metal wrenches and screwdrivers, but no rubber handled flashlight. Had he moved it? Or had she misplaced it again?

Once more, she drew in his spicy scent. The hair stood on her arms, causing her skin to prickle. She headed for the breaker box in her bedroom closet.

Inside the closet, she pulled the metal breaker door open with a squeak, shattering the silence. She flipped the switches one by one with a click. Her living room lamp came on. Just as quickly, the bulb broke with a crash.

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