Giraffe at Legoland

giraffe-legoland-and-giraffes-added-900This is a work in progress. I realized too late I forgot to share an excerpt yesterday. I’ll do so tomorrow. I took this picture at Legoland in Chicago.

Had a million requests for stuff yesterday from everyone and finished some of them, but have a ton more I need to do, anything from signing a contract for another three books, discovering my insurance company has been charging me for the house I sold in March, and now, even after I told them it was sold and take it off, twice!, I have to prove when I sold it. The paperwork is SOMEWHERE. I spent until midnight last night looking for it. Found all the contract stuff, but not the actual title showing the sale was complete. Have no idea where I “filed” it. That was in part due to having just moved here, was still unpacking boxes, and trying to figure out where to put all this paperwork coming in for everything. But at least I cleaned out stuff I didn’t need and put it out for the trash this morning. Always have to look at the bright side. 🙂

And I have to go back into Kissing the Highlander, add links, and do a bunch of stuff with it, pronto.

And I had a request for promo that I had done, but apparently it went missing, so had to resend. But with everything else going on, I was glad I had that covered.

And White Wolf Christmas is due November 1st, so wrapping up edits, trying to keep up with wordcount on Double Cougar Trouble.

So last night I had pizza at my daughter’s house and we watched baby photographing videos. My daughter told me she’d sleep while I did them. lol She probably will.

Okay off to work on something! Have a great one!

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