Playing Around with Photoshop–Otters, Sunken Boats, You Name It!

otter-standing-up-looking-at-me-sunken-boat-9003-otters-water-fountains-900-043I added the sunken boat for interest. This was the most curious otter of the three. And here all three are. 🙂

I was going to walk, but it started raining, then the warranty guy came over for the annual check, and then it was way too hot and muggy. We had a chance of more rain, but nothing happened. It was only 81 out, but 99% humidity and that made it feel so much hotter.

marbelized-wolf-purpleI hope, if you picked up A Very Jaguar Christmas, you loved it! 🙂

dead-pine-tree-001Woohoo, they’re going to take down my dead pine tree! It could have cost me around $1,000, but I’m so thrilled they’re coming to take it down for free. That’s the housing development. I had told them right away that I thought the tree was dying when I moved in. Thankfully. It’s been green up until a couple of days ago. But initially, every time it poured rain, sap poured out of the tree. Then it began losing bark. A few days ago, tons of bark was scattered all over the lawn. And then a couple of days after that, I looked up, and all the pine needles were dead. It’s sad. It’s part of an old forest, but probably with all the construction around it, the roots were killed back. I have five others, but they all seem to be fine. Anyway, I’m thrilled they’re going to take it down before it comes down in a storm. It’s about 100 feet tall.

Off to write.

Have a wonderful day!

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2 thoughts on “Playing Around with Photoshop–Otters, Sunken Boats, You Name It!

  1. Hope you did a lot of writing.
    good the tree will be taken care off without your $$$.
    make sure they don’t let a stump seating in your yard.
    good night

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