Exercising More than Just Once–and Photography Find!!!

I decided I needed to take one dog at a time to really train them to behave while I’m walking them. One barks, the other barks. They both pull. So I took just Tanner because even though he’s my barker, he does stop to listen to me. My goal was three-fold (I do better if I have lots of goals, lol)–well, 4-fold: Take a dog for a walk, get some exercise, retake pictures that didn’t turn out yesterday, and train said dog to behave while walking. Plus, I figure if I exercise, I’ll be more productive.

NOT happening. Why? I get home and I’m dying to play with my photos. lol But, I did write more last night, so maybe it helped. I don’t know.

But, I was so excited when I started my walk.  I made a real photography find!!! Not one, not two, but three otters were playing in the fountain pond closest to me. I couldn’t believe it!!! So, I took a ton of pictures. It was early morning, so I’m still fighting with how to set my camera, and I need to get some filters to cut water glare. I’m learning.

Soooo, some turned out, and I took a picture of the fountain again to catch the rainbow that I had wanted to catch yesterday.


I wanted to take a picture of a small waterfall and capture the blue flowers in front of it. So the waterfall ended up being this beautiful bokeh.

blue-flower-by-the-fountain-and-bokeh-900-157And this was another where I showed the water.


I took Tanner to the kiddie park, no kiddies there, so he got to sit on the playground equipment, but he was too interested in sounds around him to bother paying attention to me. 🙂

tanner-on-stairs-to-slide-900I have a guy coming over to look at the ancient 100 foot pine tree in my yard that had just died. Hopefully he can take it down before it comes down in a storm!

Have a wonderful day!

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