On Yesterday’s Walk…


Wild grasses

Sometimes something that might be overlooked can make an interesting picture. I love wild grasses. As long as they’re not growing in my yard. But on a wilderness walk, they add interest to the landscape.

sun-rays-fountain-fall-900-029Sun flare and can you see our fall colors? No? Well, see the three or four orange leaves? That’s it!

great-blue-herron-900-076A great blue heron! I love reflections in the water, and it was especially nice to capture the great blue heron in the water. Now, I had Tanner with me, and he was soooooo good. Whenever I stop to take pictures, he lies down for a rest. Luckily, he didn’t see the herons. Well, and luckily I didn’t scare them off either.

white-and-great-blue-herrons-900-078You can see the white heron in the background.

rainbow-fountain-900-052And I’d taken a number of pictures of the fountain from the other side, but when I was leaving, I figured I’d had enough shots of the fountain and was just going to walk on by. But I glanced at it anyway, and saw the rainbow. I had to take several steps back to capture it, and rainbows move and fade, so I took several shots, hoping to capture it before it faded. These were so much better than the others I had gotten at a different fountain because the backdrop was so much better.

tanner-lying-on-ground-while-im-taking-pictures-900-016Tanner being an angel. When I was taking pictures of the pink fountain grass, he was lying down in the shade. He is really good about this. As soon as I start taking pictures in a spot, he lies down and waits for me to finish. I just step on his leash so he doesn’t wander off or chase something, and then snap away. Both of the dogs will do this together too, but my problem is when someone comes to walk by us if they’ve got another dog. So it’s just easier to deal with one, trying to train them to behave while on a walk.

pink-fountain-grass-and-fountain-900-018I love the pink fountain grasses, and figure they’ll begin to fade, so wanted to get another shot before they’re no longer pretty like this.

Okay, got to write. I had a million things going on yesterday, including the two-mile walk (beautiful, cool weather), and so need to get focused on figuring out the plot for the next White Wolf Book, did a lot of brainstorming yesterday on it, and keep up with the word count on Cougar Trouble.

Have a super, fun day!!!

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