Temps Dropped in the Mornings!

puppies-looking-out-window-in-cold-900-001But the house can be stuffy, so I have been opening the windows to let the cool air in. Here, Max and Tanner are enjoying watching out the window and smelling all the scents.

50mm-900-orange-butterfly-on-butterfly-bush-051I was experimenting with the 50mm lens to see if it made any difference in the photos. The butterflies are all over the kaleidoscope butterfly bush, and this time I could get close without disturbing them.

50mm-closeup-of-orange-butterfly-900-065fall-colors-900-032And if you look really hard, there are even some fall colors!

Okay, I’m off to write. Over halfway done on Double Cougar Trouble and I’m still hashing out the plot for White Wolf. Then it’s time for a walk! I’m waiting for it to get light out enough and warm up a bit. I know. I know. I was waiting for it to cool down a bit forever. lol

Have a great one!

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