Turned In! Need a Change! Still Working on!

That’s the life of a writer.

I received beta reader notes back on White Wolf Christmas, made the changes, and sent it in. Yeah! It’s always a feel good time. And then my editor called and said that SEAL Wolf Undercover needed one minor thing to be looked at, so it should be just a sentence change. Need to do that today or tomorrow, and it’s good! And the cover looks great. Can’t wait to show it off.

Finding Fall Where We Can

Finding Fall Where We Can

The white bokeh is the early morning light shining through the shaded trees and the yellow some more golden leaves.

I’m still working on Double Cougar Trouble and the pitch for White Wolf (title to be determined).  I need to have SEAL Wolf done by sometime in November, but I’ll fix it in the next day or so. And the pitch needs to be turned in by Nov 1st, so I’ll work on it in the next day or so. And I’m behind on Cougar word count, but I had to finish White Wolf Christmas, took my walk, even though it was maybe 2 miles instead of 3, but at least I did it. Saw three fawns, but by the time I dropped off Max and returned with the camera (I had taken him for a mailbox run, and a walk around the neighborhood rather than a real walk), I saw this path that led to another one by one of the fountain ponds. The one where I  had taken pictures of the great blue heron and white heron. When we walked into the woods, there were 3 fawns standing there. They’re pretty tame.  Used to dogs and people.

River Birch?

River Birch and its interesting peeling bark

But the deer will eat your hibiscus, as my neighbor can attest to, and another said the same. And the fawns were gone.

Caracal...a shifter?

Caracal…a shifter?

I had a lunch with another author, so much fun finding another who lives nearby. She’s thirty minutes away, lives on a golf course, and some people throw out corn for the deer. So she sees herds of them. Not good. Why? They attract predators. Okay, so you’re thinking Houston, Texas, nah, right? Yep. She has the deer carcasses to prove it. There’s a cougar in them thar woods.


I picked up a harness for the dogs so hopefully that will help stop them from pulling so hard and choking themselves. I do what the training says, walk slower, forcing them to slow down, turn around so they pay attention to where I’m going, but I’m not patient enough with it. I want to get some exercise, take some pictures, and get back to writing. And I don’t want them hurting themselves. So I picked up two different kinds and I’m going to try them.

fall-leaf-green-background-900-002So I have a lot of different photo tip sites sending me daily tips. I love it. I love learning. And one of them was about taking pictures of fall colors. Don’t just take a picture of the beautiful trees in fall display, but something else, like a collection on the ground, etc. Welllllllll for me….finding fall colors isn’t easy. We don’t have huge beautiful fall scenes. We have a few leaves here or there. A leaf here or there. But I love a challenge. So yesterday, no fawns to film, one white heron, the fountains all looked the same, so I wanted to do something with fall.

Orange Leaf in Shadow and Sun

Orange Leaf in Shadow and Sun

Fall Leaf hanging by a thread--a spiderweb's thread

Fall Leaf hanging by a thread–a spiderweb’s thread

I have to watch out for spiderwebs in the woods. lol

Okay, off to type up notes and get into the swing of things, walking, taking pictures and then settling down to write.

Happy hump day!

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