Early, Late, or On Time?

When I was in the army, I had a boss once who said he didn’t want us there to give a briefing early or late. He wanted us there on time. “You’re wasting the government’s time if you’re early. You’re wasting the general’s time if you’re late. So come on time.”

What are you normally? Always running late? Have to be there early? Never want to waste time and are right there on the button?

You know if you’re running late, nothing will go your way. You’ll get behind slower traffic, get a flat, run into every red light. If you’re early, all the lights will be green, no traffic to speak of, car’s running fine and you’re there even earlier than you had wanted to be. I know. Because I always try to be early anywhere I go. But the moment I’m running behind on time….

I turned in the changes to SEAL Wolf Undercover, caught up on my word count on Double Cougar Trouble, and finally figured out what I was going to do with White Wolf and sent in the materials I needed to–long synopsis, short synopsis, etc.

For a second, that means all I have to do is finish writing Cougar Trouble, unless I’m forgetting something. 🙂

blue-berries-on-plant-900-058I took my walk yesterday and came across these beautiful blue berries. Do you notice all the pretty things around you when you’re out and about?

And then the new sky pencil holly are already attracting birds. This chickadee was diving in and out of the spindly, newly planted shrubs.bird-on-new-holly-900-005

And then a blue jay came to explore. Just add a little plant life and the animals will find a home.

blue-jay-new-holly-900-006I forgot my excerpt yesterday, so will try to do that tomorrow. 🙂 Otherwise, it’s back to writing and walking and taking pictures.

wicked-witch-900-001Oh, and if there are any wicked witches in your life, turn them into yard decorations for Halloween. 🙂

Have a super great one!!

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8 thoughts on “Early, Late, or On Time?

  1. I do not usually respond well to bosses like the one you mention, however I see his point. I try not to waste other people’s time by being late, so I am almost always early. And since I am not working for anyone but me, if any time is wasted, it is mine. And even if I only use that time to enjoy the moment and watch what the world is doing, then I don’t consider it wasted. One thing I do is try to pay attention to the moment instead of daydreaming.

    • Exactly! Well, how can you be right on time, was my thought. You have to be there a bit early to make sure you are there right on time. 🙂 I had a luncheon I to go once a month, and I was late to one of them. I had been early–as far as leaving and according to my GPS, but since I’m new to the area, and we’re trying out new to us restaurants, I got lost. Then, I couldn’t find parking and had to park at a grocery store a mile away. It was HOT out,and by the time I walked all that way to the restaurant, I was maybe 20 mins late. 🙁 I hate being late. lol But the lady who coordinates them, who is always early, was 20 mins late this time–she had gotten lost. So I don’t feel so bad now. 🙂

  2. 😊 good Thursday Terry and all
    🍂🍁🍃💧⛅🌁 all are here, with 5°C sorry 42°F, I forget you don’t live in the metric world.
    Anyway, enjoy the last Thursday of. OCTOBER 2016.,
    I don’t know what your side kick Donna had yesterday, overnight &during the morning we have 2,3 in rain fall, if has been ❄❄❄ close to 25 inches, as the AccuWeather put it
    1 in rain = 10 inches SN❄. Without counting temperature which change after we hit 0°F.
    At 5:30 am. 30°F = – 2° Centigrades.

  3. And I like to be on time, so I leave ahead of schedule and get there early. My friends always count on me being to their house and party ahead of time. But At first when I started going to WW I was leaving early. But being the doors don’t open until 9:30. I now arrive after the doors are open. I don’t want to stand in the cold and wet and wait. It’s raining on my yard work today. But I was able to run out and close my Squirrel proof feeder from the rain. I hate wet seed.

    • That’s a good idea. My parents used to throw big parties, and one couple would always arrive an hour early. Drove them nuts. They didn’t have time to visit. And they liked setting up things their way. 🙂

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