Fall Back, Spring Forward, Fall Back, Spring Forward–I Feel Like a YoYo!

Can’t we be like Arizona and just leave off with all the falling and springing???

roses-with-wolf-logo-water-drops-900-different-shutter-speeds-f4-1-2500s-001-recoveredtaking-down-pine-tree-in-between-pllars-sawdust-flying-900-139-recovereddowny-woodpecker-cropped-008-recoveredA random collection of shots, but they tell a story. Out of order. The man cut down the dead pine tree the downy woodpecker had been pecking at. The day turned to storms and the woodpecker returned to discover his tree was gone. So he was taking it out on the neighbor’s tree next door, the top of it that had died. It might not have the substance that the pine tree had, but it was better than nothing.

And that’s my story!

Oh, and then it rained.

My computer has crashed twice today, so I’m trying to get this out before it hangs up again. Double Cougar Trouble is out to beta readers and I’m setting up the first page for Loving the White Wolf. Title. Author. Got it! Chapter 1. Title.

But I really did write about 1,000 words last night too, so need to get to typing them up.

white bear 154 (640x427)

The Northern Light Aurora borealis at Kirkjufell IcelandOkay, so off to get to work. I have a luncheon today, dogs to let out again, dogs to feed, dogs to let out again.

It’s like falling back and springing forward. It just gets repetitive! Or…computer crashes. I think it’s the…fae.

Have a super great day!

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2 thoughts on “Fall Back, Spring Forward, Fall Back, Spring Forward–I Feel Like a YoYo!

  1. I love my dogs and don’t want to even think about how lonely and boring it would be without them, however they are a LOT of trouble. Whenever I am home I am the designated door person. I really need a doggie door. But where I live we have coyotes and they have come inside the yard at night. So sometimes I want to keep them inside and safe from harm, and I haven’t gotten that one resolved yet. I am more than just their doorman, more like a butler/footman/cook/chambermaid/chauffeur sort of job. Soundsa lot like I have children huh?

    I promise not to rant about the time changes, but I absolutely loathe it. Nuff said

    Your computer problems most definitely sound like some Fae mischief makers at work. lol

  2. Coyotes???? Yikes! I never knew that. Well, one of my friends in the area says they have a cougar eating the deer, soooooo….

    I love my dogs too, but with having the corgis here too, it’s quadruple the effort. My neighbors have a doggy door, but I’d rather not. But Max won’t go out unless I go out with him. So as the winter comes, even though it’s not as bad as snowy places, I’m urging him to hurry up…faster…go, go, go! lol

    I know about the time change. The purpose was for farmers, but now the farmers use tractors with lights and AC and all that stuff. So they come in the middle of the night even. Sooooo why still have the change?

    Yes, the fae. Bad fae. I will have to do something about them. Okay, back to drinking honeyed mead with polar bear shifters. 🙂 <3

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