Puppy Sitting & Cooler Weather

You can see here that Max was already reaching out to Luna


The cooler weather is coming! Yay! I’m hoping to finish up reading Double Cougar Trouble, made an offer to a potential narrator for Taming the Wild Cougar audiobook, and have to juggle trips outside with the puppies. I wish I could just throw them all out and they’d be happy, but my neighbor’s dog barks and runs along the fence, and then the corgi’s do, barking and making a ruckus. Mine are used to the neighbor’s dog and they don’t bark or antagonize her, and if I call them to come to me, they will.

Not the corgis. I had to use the hose on Rilo yesterday. It took a few times before he realized barking and growling and running next to the fence meant he’d get wet. 🙂  Then he was fine.

I just have to learn how to outsmart the smart dogs. Sometimes that’s a challenge. lol

You know what that means, right? Being the alpha when you don’t have teeth and can make the pack behave. 🙂

Oh, and I did my first ever podcast yesterday! It was fun, after all the stressing I did over doing it.

Okay, I’m off like a herd of turtles to keep reading Cougar! Have a super wonderful day!

Next week, I plan to get some more holly to plant, and I’ll be starting Loving the White Bear. 🙂

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