I Took a Walk…Lazy Me

I meant to take a walk every day now that it’s cooler, right? And I’m just as lazy about it as usual. So if I give myself a goal, then I will get myself out the door.

I wanted to donate books to a Ladies’ Christmas party at the rec center, and so I took my camera, even though the books were heavy, but if I don’t take my camera, you know what happens, right? I see the most wondrous sight, and no camera. I dropped off the books and then saw hundreds of butterflies and bees (I exaggerate, which is an author’s prerogative, but truly, there were tons) on the flowers outside the center, and they’re flighty, not sitting still, so what’s new. But you never know when a cool shot will present itself, so I snapped away anyway.

dragonfly-against-bokeh-blue-sky-900The sun was out, so not the best as far as going with the golden hour, but I had to wait for the center to open.  The dragonfly is beautiful anyway.

dragonfly-against-green-backdrop-900-029walk-butterflies-red-flowers-900-008And the gulf fritillary is pretty too among the red flowers.

walk-long-tailed-butterfly-900-004And a long-tailed skipper butterfly.

walk-3-turtles-900-036And three little turtles. I almost didn’t see them, and then I thought they were ducks, maybe, so I took a shot and realized they were turtles. I drew a little closer, but they began to slip into the water.

I’ll share an excerpt tomorrow. I don’t know where the days go to sometimes. Does that happen to you?

Have a great one!

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