December 1st–Christmas Stories–Never Give Up, Never Surrender


Starting in December, some authors will have Christmas short stories to share. So be sure to drop in and enjoy!

This is one of the Christmas Santas I make with a mohair beard, mohair bear and tapestry cloak.

Okay, off to start the story at the REAL beginning. I always think of famous scientists who work and work and work on finding cures or what not, and they don’t just have that breakthrough on the first trial. At least, most don’t. Sometimes it’s the same for me when I’m writing the beginning of a story. I don’t know the characters at all. And as I’m writing, I realize they need a different beginning. 🙂

The same thing for photography. I was watching a DIY venture into creating hearts or other shapes for bokeh. And in this, the DIYer was showing the mistakes he made in his first trial and error attempts at creating this–first in cutting out his shapes: too big, too ragged (not clean enough cut edges), and then when taking the pictures–not having a good light source to create the bokeh.

The same can be said for life. My hard mineral water was leaving awful water marks on the shower glass. I’ve tried a ton of different methods to clean it off. After cleaning off a lot of it, I have been using a squeegy to remove the water after every shower to try prevent the water (minerals) from making more of a mess. That really helps.

So for writing, I have to remind myself, sometimes the beginning isn’t really the beginning. The rest I’ve written often just needs to be moved further along. Or, sometimes it just needs to be tossed as it doesn’t work for my new vision.

I’m not for sure until I begin to write the new beginning. And will it work this time? Who knows! Maybe. But that is only the beginning.

Have a super, wonderful day!

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