Let Me In!–And Taking Pictures of Christmas Lights!


Mohair Santa with mohair beard and antique quilt cloak.


Okay, so this morning I started a load of wash and I forgot to add some things to the really light load. I love my new machine. Really I do. BUT…there’s no adding clothes to the machine after it starts. Oh, sure, it says hold this button for 3 seconds and then it will unlock it so you can add something. HA!!

I took the puppies out in the dark, and saw green fireflies all over my neighbor’s trees. They were running all over them!

Nope, he’s got some kind of lights that are going 100 feet high. Now how cool is that?

green-lights-900-001I’m off like a herd of turtles to get a million things done. I got my Christmas tree up, the garlands up, and a few other things set up the way I want. Everything else is just sitting all over the dining room table, kitchen counter, and is a mess.

white-bear-colorful-lights-tiny-900-003New white bear. I wanted to try capturing Christmas Tree lights, this was before the ornaments were put on. The tree has only white lights, so I wanted to add a string of lights just for the photo. The background is blurred, bear sitting away from the tree, but still close enough that the lights bokeh is small.

white-bear-colorful-lights-soco-009The bear is closer to me, farther from the tree, and though you can see a couple of colorful lights–red in a couple of spots, they look mostly beige.

white-bear-colorful-lights-more-colorful-900-009Here is the same picture, cropped, bear lightened a bit, and this time I added some color to the lights–I used Curves adjustment–use the colors–Blue, Green, Red, and I used hue. I made layer masks, inverted them, and then brushed over the colors I wanted. 🙂 <3  And there you have it! Colorful bokeh Christmas lights!

Okay, back to the book! Loving the White Bear!

Have a great one!

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