Brrrr…Getting Cold Here!

green-bear-red-snowman-sweater-900-007Yes, even the bears are putting on snowman sweaters. 🙂  It’s all relative. It drops to 40’s for us and that’s COLD.  And it’s good for me while I’m writing Loving the White Bear!

Hope you are enjoying the brace of cold weather for all those hot folks in the south. For the north, not so much so, I’m sure. I wanted a fireplace, but this home didn’t have one, so this time of year, it would be so nice to have a gas fireplace.

Have a lovely day!

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2 thoughts on “Brrrr…Getting Cold Here!

  1. Thank you for affirming that the 40’s temperature is cold. Yes. Cold. I always enjoy the change of seasons. At least for a short time. OK, I’m done with the cold now, how long until spring is sprung?

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