6 Reasons to Make Lists


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  1. So you don’t forget anything, right? But what if it’s NOT on your list? Standard comment at the grocery store: Did you find everything all right? Yep, as long as it was on my list. Do you notice how you will get all the things you WANT that are NOT on the list? And if you don’t follow the list, you forget to get the things you really NEED? I forgot the dog food one time. It was the one thing I went to the store for. lol Yes, I had to return.
  2. To send to Santa so HE doesn’t forget you this year. Yeah, you know how well that works, right?
  3. So you don’t forget the routine stuff you do so often that it’s just…routine. Did I feed the puppies this morning? They are acting like they haven’t been fed, but I’ve already done so much this morning, I’m sure I’ve fed them. And they will eat as many times as I put out food, so that’s no guarantee they haven’t eaten. Yes, I fed them anyway, just in case.
  4. So you can get more done. Right! It’s not on the list? I can’t do it, because the other things are on my list and so I have to be held accountable. So then what do I do? Add it to the list to cross it off so I feel I’ve done more, because I have. Even if I didn’t get the things on the list done that were already there.
  5. So you can get ahead of the game. What? If you get everything done on the list, that means you have to make another list! And it might be worse than this list!
  6. So you can write it down, know it’s on the list, and not try to keep remembering all the things you need to get done. It’s right there. On. The. List. If it is. 🙂

Oh, and as a writer, I will make a list when I’m done writing the book when I’m re-reading it/proofing it. I will see loose ends I need to fix, names I need to change, descriptions I need to add. And sometimes I don’t want to stop the flow…so I make lists and then come back and fix them.

I have to say here I was obsessive compulsive about lists, getting everything done daily, etc. So I gave up on lists.

BUT, when the tasks begin to pile up, I start a list because otherwise I lose sleep over what needs to get done by what time. And invariably something falls through the crack.

So the good, the bad, and the ugly about lists… are you a list maker?

Okay, that’s one thing off my list. Blogging. Until tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day and may your list of things to do get done in a timely fashion!

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