Cookies for Santa–Cougar Style


Cookies for Santa

Terry Spear

Trish made the best ever gingerbread cookies this year, just for Santa. Why? She hoped this Christmas, Santa would bring her a daddy. Not just any kind of daddy, but a fun-loving cougar daddy. One who would run with her brother and her through the woods with their mommy, and who would go swimming with them too. Course her twin brother, Jeff, wanted their daddy to ride horses with them when they went to Hal and Tracey Haverton’s horse ranch too.

Mommy said they needed to ask for something other than a daddy because Santa, even a cougar Santa, couldn’t always find the right daddy for a family who needed one.

And Mommy was right. Christmas came and no daddy was sitting under the Christmas tree.

Trish sighed. She wasn’t giving up. So her New Year’s resolution was to be the best little girl ever, and then maybe her mommy would find a daddy for them.

But Mommy said that the year was a very long time. And making a resolution like that might not mean they would get a daddy either.

So Trish decided to be herself. To help her mother, to play with her brother, to do what she was supposed to do, when she wasn’t doing what she wasn’t supposed to be doing, and like Mommy said, there was always next Christmas.

They never even made it to Christmas because something happened in the summer. Something wonderful, and bad, and everything in between and it all started when they took a trip to see their Great Aunt Emily, who was like a grandmother to them.

She was almost like Santa Claus. Yes, Trish thought, she was Santa Claus—a summer Santa Claus.

And this Christmas she was making gingerbread cookies for Aunt Emily.

The End

If you want to know what happened that summer, be sure to read Double Cougar Trouble!

I have a couple of more authors sharing Christmas stories for a few days too so be sure and stay tuned!


Trouble doesn’t always come in twos.

Jack Barrington still has an army obligation that takes him away from the woman who had enchanted him when they were both in college, but Dottie Hamilton refuses to marry a man in the military because of the problem of raising cougar shifter cubs in foreign lands and the worry he may be killed while overseas like her cousin was, leaving a wife and three little ones behind. When Jack returns home to see his family and Dottie’s only living relative, her aunt, she convinces Dottie to bring her twins home to see her—and to see him. Jack has two-and-a-half weeks to convince Dottie to wait for him while he finishes his last three months on active duty. And learns the truth. Dottie’s twins are his own flesh and blood.

Dottie has made a lot of mistakes in her life, including providing a father for her children by marrying a man, who turns out to be an arms’ dealer. When Jack returns to her after finishing his army obligation, he’s determined to prove he’s the mate she needs in her life, and he has every intention of being the father to his four-year-old twins. Now the criminal deeds of Dottie’s dead ex-husband have come back to haunt her. And she and Jack and their cougar friends will have to band together to stop the arms’ dealers before they destroy what the cougars hold dear.




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Terry Spear

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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  1. I love Happy Endings. I hope this is a true story. And Trish and Jeff get that Daddy and Their Mommy get a good Husband too.

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