Vexing the Highlander is Out!

If you have already bought the anthology, Enchanting the Highlander, then this novella was in it. But if you haven’t, the novella is now available on its own. 🙂


Lady Aila MacIntosh hopes she doesn’t regret the king’s marital choices for her and her sister. Until one braw Highlander bumps into her at the king’s gathering. He’s as taken with her as she is with him, until she learns he is but a commoner, when she is a lady. The king would never make a match between them. Alban of the Clan Daziel meets a beautiful woman at the king’s court, only she is a lady and out of his reach. When the lady and he meet under awkward circumstances, they chance to overhear a plot to assassinate the king. Their lives spiral out of control and losing his heart to Aila is only one of his pressing concerns. Protecting her from those who wish the king dead—his greatest.


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Yesterday, my neighbor, who loves historical romance, asked when I was going to be writing my next Highland book. This will be it. I just love this cover. 🙂 It’ll be next year. I have to finish Loving the White Bear this year and work on the next wolf story after that. 🙂 <3
myhighlander_mediumI just need to get Between a Wolf and a Hard Place edits back to the publisher, and get back to writing on Loving the White Bear. Because of edits, I missed my word count. 🙁
Tomorrow, I’ll share some Christmas stories, some by me, and some by other authors. Though I didn’t get a lot of takers. Holidays are a hard time to keep up with everything! 🙂
Have a wonderful day!

Terry Spear

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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2 thoughts on “Vexing the Highlander is Out!

  1. Wow what a title “My Highlander, her prisioner for now..
    love the cover !
    Terry as I commented yesterday I got Vexing the Highlander. and the new cougar that I hope at sometime it will come in paper.
    LOL. that of course means one of this days I have to figure where to find
    amazon/ kindle cloud,
    Have a great Wednesday. SE MN 35 F Real feel 30 F

    • Thanks, Lola! Yes, they will come out in print. Just working on the proof of the print for cougar right now. After I finish writing one more novella for the prequels for the Highland stories, I’ll put the 3 in print also. 🙂 It was 39 this morning here. So really nice for a change. It’s been 70’s even in the morning.

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