That Hectic Time of Year

cheetah-540-lying-down-in-grass-color-blast-841Some days you just want to laze around, don’t you? No matter how many people are watching you to see if you’ll do something?

I sort of “finished” Loving the White Bear. “Sort of”, because I still need transitions between scenes, making out scenes, and I’m still moving around scenes. But the story is done–as in it has an epilogue. lol Hey, you gotta start somewhere…or should I say end it already. 🙂


So after typing the millions of changes, I’ve got to reprint out and review it again, to see if the story is coming together at the end. While I’m writing, I constantly edit, so the beginning and middle are much more ready than the end. 🙂

I’ve GOT to get groceries today. My list has become as long as Santas–stuff for wassail, for stuffing, for coffee, pumpkin pie for my son, sweet potatoes for my son and daughter. Poor deprived kids. I love potatoes and not into sweet potatoes, so my SIL and I still have the regular ones. 🙂

Okay, off to edits. What I’ve found if I don’t do them, they don’t miraculously get done. 🙂 And I need to clean house for my son’s arrival tomorrow. Christmas is getting close!

Have a wonderful day!

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