Best Plans Laid Awry…


Beautiful injured hawk in recovery.

I had the day to clean, wash dogs, and get the last minute groceries before running to get my son at the airport. Then my SIL’s car was having electrical problems. Okay, so you know how it goes, right?

I was waiting on a delivery I had to sign for yesterday, which meant I couldn’t vacuum, run and get groceries, or wash the dogs. Running the vacuum means I couldn’t hear the doorbell. Washing the dogs, oh what a disaster. Do you think if I ran to get the delivery, two sopping wet dogs would have stayed in the bathtub? Nope. Water and soap everywhere. They constantly shake off the soap and water when I’m washing them as is, but at least while they’re in the bathtub, it’s better. And the delivery could take as long as arriving at 8 pm.

So after the delivery last night, I washed them, but it meant cuddling with them in big towels to help dry them. It’s been warmer, which is why I wanted to wash them too. But it’s still not warm enough for them and they were shivering. They hate the hair dryer, so I just watched the movie about the boy who took the polar bear cub back to Antarctica where the mom was, and figured I’d get some of my Loving the White Bear research in while warming the dogs, rubbing them down with the towels, at least their heads. The towels were soaking up the excess moisture.

Now I need to brush them out, but…I needed to do my blog, get my tea, do some edits, then I’ll run to the mailbox down the street, and oh, yeah, about the car…

I need to take my daughter in to the Vet now, which is way across town, to take her dogs in, which was NOT in the plans. And then we’ll get the groceries and have lunch out, BUT we have to drop the dogs off first. The car? Okay, well she gets out of the car, returns, can’t get in. Electric locks won’t work. Use key, gets in, car won’t start. So she took it in yesterday and she got out of the car to tell them what was going wrong. Then  they told her to move the car. And she couldn’t get in, couldn’t start the car, had to get out, get back in, or something like that. And it worked.


A Pod of Pelicans–really guys, you don’t need to groom any more for the Holidays. You look fine already.


A recovering barn owl.

So they had it at the dealership all day and they can’t get it to malfunction. Yep. You know how that goes, right? BUT at least they had seen it do it already once, but maybe not the people who needed to see it do it.

Anyway, so my whole 2 days were planned and now, like the heroine in one of my books, she will get up and run and do everything, but just in a faster way and it’ll all get done anyway. Right?


The key is to do what HAS to be done. My blog. 🙂 Vacuuming. You would not believe how much my puppies drag in—pine needles and grass, constantly. And uhm, dusting. Don’t you hate doing chores that have to be done so often or it looks like you haven’t done a thing? I thought when I was out of the crop fields, I wouldn’t have dust. I think it’s worse here.


A Scarlet Macaw. I tried to take good pictures of them the last time I was in Omaha, but they didn’t turn out. These did. Beautiful bird!

And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Have a lovely day. I’m off to do something before I have to run and get my daughter and her dogs. NOT in the plans. lol But we’ll have fun anyway. We always do. And…I’ll take my notebook and write.


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