Don’t Leave WITHOUT the Camera

Every time I leave the camera home, this is what happens!

My son and I took a walk with the dogs, and he had his cell phone, and I didn’t think I’d need my camera. Even with the 300mm lens, we could have more easily identified the critter. Nutria? Beaver? Muskrat?

It’s the same pond where the otters had been. Next time, even if there’s nothing to take pictures of, I’m taking my camera. Just in case.

baby-mirror-with-fox-900-021My daughter and son-in-law are decorating the baby’s room, so I was taking a picture. The problem was, the mirror reflected the mess as they’re still putting together the dresser, and painting, etc.

So I added a scene to the mirror for fun.

This is Texas weather, was pulling up spent annual flowers, and decorated the table for Christmas Eve dinner.


Have a great day, and Merry Christmas Eve!

Terry Spear

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