Happy New Year!!!

happy-new-year-2017I’m off to work on Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas! Had a disaster yesterday afternoon and lost the book file completely. Some stupid Windows termination, and the whole file went from a 400 page book to a blank page. And there was no way of getting it back.

Thank God I had it on my laptop, but not all the edits I’d done for two days. And thankfully, I’d been sending SOME of the changes on a personal message on FB to a beta reader to see what she thought, and so I was able to copy and paste those into the manuscript. But I still lost a whole page of edits and I have no idea what I had written or changed. So I spent until New Year’s working on the edits last night. Thought about taking pictures of the fireworks, but I was so upset about losing the book, that I concentrated on work and not play. 🙂  It sounded like we were in the middle of a war zone last night. Luckily, the dogs were okay.

I have a luncheon to go to later this afternoon, but before that, and after that, I’m rereading the book to see if any more changes need to be made, then it will be done, I’ll send it off, and get back to finishing up White Bear so I can get to work on my next wolf book. That is:

Untitled White Wolf–can’t remember whose story I said I was doing next. Have to find those synopses! Okay, found it. It’s Gavin’s story!

Untitled Silver Town Wolf–Sarandon’s story

Billionaire Wolf for Christmas–Rafe’s brother’s story

I thought I had synopsis for these, but I can’t find them!!! Oh, well, it’s a brand new year. And everything is the same as usual. lol

Have a wonderful day!

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