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They usually have a font or two that are free, and a myriad of other stuff. What’s great about Creative Market is if you lose your hard drive, you can always go back to the site where you had your free font or anything else you’ve downloaded before, free or otherwise, and it allows you to re-download. I’ve picked up fonts, overlays, a number of things from their site, and they can be very reasonable. Plus, if the people with the items update them, you get an automatic notice about the updates.

2-bluebirds-on-roof-old-house-206This is a picture I took at the old house of two bluebirds sitting on the roof.  I had a whole swarm of them trying to get bugs one day. I had never seen bluebirds there before. This was shot through a window and screen with the sun overhead at an odd angle, so not the best of shots.

bluebird-baby-giraffe-900-bokeh-004This shows the difference between what I could capture with the new home, clear glass still, so not shooting from outside, better lighting, gray day.

2,000 on the new book, 78,000 to go.

It’s still cold, cold, cold.

With the upcoming unscheduled release of Galaxy Warrior,Passionate embraces men and women


one of my friends asked: What about the next fortuneteller’s book?

A rags to riches fairy tale where a fortune telling can spell doom…

Katrina Landry is not your everyday fortune teller. She’s a substitute teacher who longs to work at it full time. But when she substitutes for her cousin at her fortune telling booth at the fair, Katrina meets a man who she foresees is in danger. So what’s a girl supposed to do but sneak into a by-invitation-only dance and save the TX Stud’s life?

Prescott Worthington hasn’t had this much fun in a long time when on a whim he takes his girlfriend to the fair where Sascha the Sensation predicts he will have twins, and that his girlfriend will find someone else. But when the woman shows up at the dance with some nonsense about saving his life, he’s totally irritated and totally bewitched. Maybe she can bring a little magic into his life.

She insists someone’s trying to kill him and he thinks it’s her boyfriend…only Prescott has no intention of giving up the woman who he’s sure needs his protection. And a whole lot more.






Deadly Fortunes was the first. And she has this wild cousin whose book I was writing next. I often did this, started sequels to books in the hopes of selling the series. But when I couldn’t get picked up by a publisher for the first book, I’d just set the sequel aside and work on something else. I had one title for it, but I think to tie it in with Deadly Fortunes, I might call it Deadly Mis-Fortunes. She’s also a fortune teller with real psychic powers also. It’s already 25,000 words long. Hmmmm. When I’m starting out on a new book, it’s like ack, so many words to write. The draw to the Dark Side is powerful… write the book that I have an upcoming deadline on, or write the book that is a good way on its way to being done???

Okay, okay, so I can fight the Dark Side and I will keep working on Flight of the White Wolf, but…maybe I’ll finish up Deadly Mis-Fortunes after that. We’ll see. 🙂 It depends on where my muse will take me. It’s been bugging me to write Chet’s Cougar Christmas story.

Be sure to follow me on BookBub where I have new release information AND when I can get a deal, I’ll have specials on a book. The Dark Fae is going on sale for 99 cents! It’s the first time I’ve been able to get one of my YA on BookBub.

Just be sure to follow me, and put in your preferences for the kinds of books you’re interested in hearing about!

Okay, I’m off to write and get my word count. The rule is: if I write, word count goes up. It might need to be changed a lot, but the truth is, when I have something on paper–it’s easier to change than when I have nothing on paper. 🙂 Isn’t that amazing how that works?

Have a super, wonderful day!

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