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Forbidden Love

Ebook By Terry Spear
Category: Fiction » Literature » Fantasy (paranormal)
Huntress Alena MacLeod is given a mission: work undercover to discover a rogue vampire’s secretive work, then terminate him.Ephraim MacNeill, aka Sutton Bastrop, knows Alena is his Elizabeth MacLeod from an earlier time, and he’s determined to return to the past and right all the wrongs to end the curse placed on the love of his life before it’s too late—again.Together, they must risk all to stop a war between a newly formed Brotherhood of rogue vampires, tired of the status quo, and the League of Hunters, who have ruled for centuries over the vampires—both changed during the Black Death—some of the survivors becoming vampires, and others hunters of the same.

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I was going to open my files and give an excerpt, but I’m having trouble getting Word to open this morning. Story of my life. I’m going to have to restart my computer.

I had a frozen outside pipe. From 80 degrees, to below freezing. Ugh. I think it’s supposed to warm up next week, but I’ll have to call a plumber too.

snowy daffodils (640x427)Daffodils when I lived at the old house. I had frozen pipes there once, but luckily, no damage. No sprinkler system either though.

Have a great one!

Terry Spear

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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