Word Count…Ready for an UnBirthday Party

Bad news/Good news.

On word count. The bad news is I’m behind. The good news is I scheduled myself off for the weekend because of the party and I was planning to go to a brunch on Sunday. Soooo, I canceled on the brunch, I’m as ready as I’ll ever get for the party, and I have some time before everything kicks off to write this morning and all day Sunday.  I need 3400 words to reach my 16,000 word goal.

baby-bear-900-outside-004sharp-teacups-900-004Playing around with photoshop.

sharp-teacups-before-changes-900-004This was the original picture. Antique tea cups, nearly antique tea cups, and a couple of new ones. 🙂

mad-hatter-tea-party-clock-drink-me-900-025A pocket watch and a jar that entices the viewer to “Drink Me.”


Hmmm, well, I’m really not getting anywhere with writing, but I’m having fun. And it’s party time. Almost. 🙂

🙂 Have a wonderful UnBirthday Today.

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