Mad Hatter Tea Party–the Treats and Tea

mad-hatter-tea-party-cake-900-014The cakes were all delicious. Everything on the pink cake was edible. The pictures on the cake were rice paper. I ordered the Eat Me cards from Amazon. I had some other kinds with Alice and all on them, but I must have missed getting pictures of those. 🙁  mad-hatter-tea-party-elizabeths-cakes-900-038mad-hatter-tea-party-900-heart-sandwiches-043mad-hatter-tea-party-beautiful-pot-900-005mad-hatter-tea-party-silver-tea-party-set-stephanie-900-026mad-hatter-tea-party-tea-009One of Jennifer’s friends, Elizabeth, made the beautiful cake and petite fours. She also made cucumber sandwiches and we had heart-shaped tuna salad sandwiches, fruit and tea.

The silver set was on loan, Jennifer’s friend’s sister, was generous enough to polish it and offer it for the party.

One of the ladies had the beautiful working teakettle on the stove.

There were several other teapots on loan, but I missed getting a picture of them. 🙁

The food was great. I’ll share about the games and decorations later. 🙂 Back to writing!

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