Mad Hatter Tea Party–Draw a Mad Hatter

On a paper plate on top of your head! Elizabeth actually had the best, most complete drawing of a person-like character. 🙂 mad-hatter-tea-party-elizabeth-paperplate-contest-900-077


Best Mad Hatter drawing won!

More games and pictures later.

I’m still behind on my writing. I had to crash a seaplane so I’ve been doing tons of research on them for the book. Did you know that a lot of places don’t allow seaplanes to land on waterways in their states? That many don’t allow a seaplane to carry external loads, like canoes and kayaks? I’ve watched way too many plane wrecks, trying to get a feel of what it would be like.

Landing gear up? Down? One airplane landed on it’s belly, the pilot trainee forgetting to put the gear down. But he did a great job of getting it back in the air and landing with the gear down the next time. Yes, it did damage to the plane when he landed with the gear up. Seaplanes that have landing gear flip when the landing gear is down. So it’s best to have them up for water landings. 🙂

Rough water, gusty winds can make it difficult to land, but also smooth glassy water because it’s harder for the pilot to judge where the water begins.

See? So I’m behind, but it’s because I have to do so much research. I had one scenario in mind, but it wouldn’t work based on the research. So I had to rewrite all of it, and when I did that, I have some other scenes that I need to change because I did some of the stuff earlier now. *sigh*

Will all of the research be in the book? Nope. But I still need to research to find out if they can do what they do.

I’m also getting Dreaming of the White Wolf Christmas 2nd edits, need to make a few minor changes due next week. AND, I have to write a novella to incorporate in the rerelease of Heart of the Wolf. It will be the 10th anniversary of it’s release next January. Plus, I need to write a letter in the book, all due mid-March. And the book I’m currently writing is due April 1st, when the baby is due.

I also have a writing retreat to go to, first one ever. Have no idea what to expect. I scheduled no writing word count on those days, because it’s a long trip, and I have no idea if I’ll get any writing done at all. But maybe I can catch up???

We were under a tornado warning yesterday morning. But other than thunderstorms, we were fine. Have rain again today, which brings March flowers, right?

Have a great day! I’ve got to get to work!

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