Mushrooms in the Dark

mushrooms with a flashlight 900  005.png

I saw these mushrooms the day before and wanted to get a picture of them because they were so interesting. But I got busy, and I didn’t take them. Then when I took the puppies out in the rain in the dark the next morning, the mushrooms were still standing. I thought how neat they would be to take a picture of them in the dark. So with a camp lantern that doesn’t put off much light, and a flashlight, I proceeded to set out an outside doormat on the wet grass, get low, and take some pictures. I think I needed to pull the flashlight back a bit, but that was it on the mushrooms. They have now all collapsed. We had hard rains all night last night and it wreaked the damage. I looked for any new ones, but didn’t see any.


Here are some I took a couple of years ago.

macro orange mushroom and yellow flower 004 (900x792)

Pink fairy mushrooms 011 (640x427)

mushroom fly wildflower (640x492)

mushrooms, moss, flowers, a fairy garden 001 (640x566) (2)

Mushrooms, moss and wildflowers in their natural state

I love mushrooms to eat. But for these, I’m happy to just photograph!

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