Romantic Times Magazine Reviewers Choice Best Book Awards Nominees

Our mascot–Snoopy, who was an outdoor cat only at night. The rest of the time he came in to curl up beside us or beg for food in the kitchen.

A couple of the Austin romance writers and me (far left) shopping in Fredericksburg.
The ladies all working hard at their manuscripts. Everyone did. It was great!
One of the authors getting the eggs for morning breakfast!
And even late at night, everyone still working away at their books. 🙂
Okay, I am so excited about this. It doesn’t mean I’ll win. I have huge, well-known authors I’m up against, but even to be in this position is truly wondrous!

Romantic Times Magazine Reviewers Choice Best Book Awards Nominees

Contemporary Romance
Sara Humphreys
British Isles-Set Historical
Shana Galen
First Historical
Weina Dai Randel
Paranormal Romance
Asa Maria Bradley
Paranormal World Building
Terry Spear

They are all listed here:

I’m up against some really BIG authors! So you know what that means. BUT, to even be there is amazing!!!

Finished Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas and turned it in. Rereading Loving the White Bear and then will publish. Have 40 more pages to go.

AND, I have 4,000 written on a novella for Heart of the Wolf inclusion! I need 16,000 more words, but I might write more, just depends on how the story goes.

I have 62,000 left on Flight of the White Wolf and am eager to get back to that too! Corgis are staying with me from Thursday through Sunday.

And that’s if for now!

Have a lovely day!

Terry Spear

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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7 thoughts on “Romantic Times Magazine Reviewers Choice Best Book Awards Nominees

  1. WOW-AWESOME ! good Luck.
    Good day Terry, multitasking all over again. Most be awesome, to write together with your Authors friends…each one at their own books but still having fun, fresh air, Historical sites what else you want? o yeah… that word counting will drive me bunkers ! How do you know??? how many words go in a book? that sounds insane to me… lol
    take care…. preparing for another Snow storm late this afternoon unto tomorrow could dump 6 to 9 inches of wet snow. Hmm wonder about Donna …

    • Thanks, Lola! The publisher sets the word count. I just have to meet it. 🙂 Which means trying to come up with the story! Ugh on the snowstorm!!! Be safe, missy! 🙂

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