Birding While at a Writer’s Retreat!

My goals: Edit Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas, walk, photograph birds

Walk: Check: I walked 6.5 miles on Saturday. (Friday, we got in, so I managed three miles just in getting ready, packing, etc, getting there, and walking all over to check things out.) Yesterday, I had to leave, but managed 2 miles between the morning and the evening after the 4.5 hour drive.

Photograph birds and other stuff: Check.

A tufted titmouse, male red cardinal, female cardinal, spotted towhee, and a female cardinal and sparrows. Quiet Hilltop Ranch had a birding blind. It was great! I didn’t have to photograph birds through a window!

Edits on Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas. Check. I finished the edits I needed to make on Friday night, and spent Saturday and Sunday re-reading. I have 6 chapters left to re-read and then I can turn it in today.

I was worried about meeting all these deadlines with the two books of edits added in to do, but I’m off schedule, yet, still doing great! Except, now I have to keep writing on Flight of the White Wolf, due April 1st, and write the novella for Heart of the Wolf due March 15th.

So met goals and had a blast! More pictures to show the story coming up.

Off to work! Have a great day!!!

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