Vignette or Not to Vignette


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Vignettes can help to showcase your subject, the dark or lighter (if you use a lighter vignetting around the subject), draws the eye in to see the subject.

Some photographers like it. Others don’t. Or want a very natural look, so use the natural vignette and darken it just a little. This is the picture as I took it, as far as the vignetting goes. When I sit at my desk, the window frame and wooden box on my desk acted as vignettes. Not sure what caused it from the upper right corner.


The second photo, I used a center light to brighten the picture a bit.The first, I warmed it up a bit to a peachy tone.

Which is better?

So much of photography, or any kind of art, is a judgement call.

Even writing. Say it this way, or that? Which is better? For one person, the one way. For another, a different way.


This is the original picture (SOOC), no changes. The scene is much more blue.

I’ve decided I am the “crooked photographer”–only because nearly every thing I capture is tilted. And I don’t even need to have anything to drink to produce them all that way!

It was a dark, dreary day, pouring rain nearly all day long, when the squirrel, a juvenile, was trying to get at the bird feeders. Here, he caught me catching him in a shot!

Okay, so I really am working, and got SEAL Wolf Undercover editing done late last night and sent it in. I need to work on Dreaming of the White Wolf Christmas this weekend, and then get back on track with Flight of the White Wolf. I’ve started reading the Rita books too, ch 3, one book of 6. I want to re-read Loving the White Bear one last time and then put it up for sale. I want to make the changes to Galaxy Warrior, and then re-read one last time and put it up for sale.

I need to write the novella for Heart of the Wolf re-release, going to get a new cover, yay! But I need to re-read Heart of the Wolf to see which 2ndary character I want to use in the story. I actually started one several years ago, so maybe I can use it. Some stories require a full length novel to do them justice though. So not sure. 🙂

The only way to make the deadlines go away is to get on the projects and get them done. Simple! Right!

So off I go on my merry way to save the world–through my heroes and heroines, of course!

Have a heroic day!

Terry Spear

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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