Female Cardinal in Bare Branches


To attract more birds, it helps to have more vegetation around the feeders so they feel safe. But then it’s harder to take pictures of them, particularly when all the foliage  is out. My yard had only 3 pine trees, so I’m working at supplying the safe haven for the birds. 🙂

Plus, it improves the look of all the wood fencing. And makes it not so echoey when you talk outside. 🙂

I’m puppy sitting, and that means having a time getting anything done in a timely fashion. Need to get back to work on Night of the Wolf. I think I made 3,000 words on it yesterday. Over halfway done. Which meant I kept waking up last night and began thinking about where to go with it next. Do I kill a couple of bad guys? Let them live? Such is the dilemma I was facing at oh-dark-thirty. 🙂

Only 9,000 words left to go. Which is why with shorter writing, things happen so fast! 🙂 And they’re fun to write too.

Have a great one!

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2 thoughts on “Female Cardinal in Bare Branches

  1. Looks like a photo that would be used on a greeting card. So pretty. Was it cold there when you took the photo?

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  2. Thanks, Linda! It was nice a couple of times, though still cold, but ohmigosh, it was really cold one time. The temperature had dropped and the cold wind was blowing through the windows of the birding “house.” I didn’t last long. Lol, and the birds weren’t hanging around as much either.

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