Do You Read Print Books?


At the Coastal Magic Reader’s Convention in Daytona Beach, some authors had their novellas in print, so I spent the last two days working on mine.

It is in all the ebook forms also, but it is now in print for my print readers. I’m one, mostly because I look at a screen all day and half the night, and so I like to enjoy print.

His Wild Highland Lass is nearly ready, and I just finished on Vexing the Highlander also.

Next I’ll work on Loving the White Bear and Galaxy Warrior’s proofs. But first, I’m revising a bit of Night of the Wolf before I send it back to my beta reader.

Covert Cougar Christmas

Bridget Sinclair, new Special Agent with the Cougar Special Forces Division that takes down rogue cougars, has a mission—permanently stop two shifters from distributing a new drug in Cheyenne, Wyoming. While investigating, she rescues a man they’ve tranquilized and learns Travis MacKay is a cougar shifter with the same law enforcement agency. Winter advisories are in effect for the Christmas holidays, but that doesn’t cool off the sizzling heat spiraling out of control between the two agents as they covertly team up to take down the drug-runners.


Whoops, I’d been working so hard on Night of the Wolf, I forgot to finish this. *sigh*

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6 thoughts on “Do You Read Print Books?

  1. I read print and digital. It depends sometimes which is cheaper. I paid $7.99 for a paperback on Amazon and found the same book for $5.99 at Wal-Mart. I emailed Amazon and offered to send it back, but they just refunded my money and told me to keep the book. Works for me.
    I bought the new JD RObb in Hardcover/print because I have all of them in print and I’m still old fashioned enough I like print. I compare the prices and decide from there.

  2. You are quite the busy bee since you got back home. So looking forward to your next book release. Whatever it is. Lol.

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  3. Thanks Terry, gor the writen on papear. yes I have bought a few ebooks. ..I honest cannot stare a screen for hours a few minutes is enough. will take months to read a book, … Headache & syonimo can be the same

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