If It’s Not Broken…

WordPress changed things on me again. Oh, maybe it’s better and maybe it’s not, but I posted two blogs in a day because I didn’t realize the place you schedule has changed, and the tags too. So I forget them half the time now.

And I don’t want to hear anyone say anything about teaching old dogs new tricks. lol


Is she giving me/you a look, or what? That is the female bluebird. I have to remember she’s really not looking at me. She’s looking at a camera, trying to figure out what that thing is. 🙂

Okay, so I spent yesterday working on formatting 2 novels and 3 novellas into print: Galaxy Warrior, Loving the White Bear, Vexing the Highlander, His Wild Highland Lass, and Covert Cougar Christmas. I had thought about waiting to  have one more novella for the Highlanders and 2 more for the cougars and print as an anthology for each, but I saw a lot of authors had the smaller novellas in print at the reader’s convention this past weekend, so decided to do it too. I have to wait for the proofs to come back and then read them all over again to make sure there aren’t any mistakes.

I also did taxes for the anthology we were in, and had to wash Tanner because he rolled in something smelly outside, and read a little more of another contest book. Oh, and checked with the narrator for Taming the Cougar, because it was supposed to be done the end of December, and… he said he’d have it to me next week.

And I registered for the RWA conference. Which means I didn’t work on Flight of the White Wolf. But I have so many things hanging over my head, that I needed to get SOMETHING done. 🙂 I still need to do the bear too. 🙂

And that’s it! Now, what mischief can I get into today?

Hope you have a fun one and no little bluebird gives you the LOOK.

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