Too Much To Do

Do you ever have days, weeks, months like that???

I take breaks to do photography, because I HAVE to. I can’t read and write and edit 24-7. But if I did, I might get through the piles of work I need to have done. I did get the bear shipped yesterday, and books shipped.

Yesterday in my newsletter, I offered for members to send me a photo that they wanted me to turn into an oil. Nancy sent me this of Timber, the wolf, beautiful!

Timber a wolf from Nancy Hoch oil

I have so much to do, I’m sitting here trying to figure out which to do first. Ugh.

So I started working on the audiobook again for Taming the Wild Cougar, and am checking it for errors. The narrator uploaded up to ch 6. I’m on ch 3 now. I’ll do 4, and then back to Flight of the Wolf. I have a diaper baby shower to go to later also for my daughter, so need to get going on my work!

Have a great one!

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2 thoughts on “Too Much To Do

  1. Too much to do is so much better than being bored to tears. Just remember that no one will know or care if you got them all done a hundred years from now. Hmmm, now why do I not feel better? lol

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