Rescued Flowers

Sometimes rescuing flowers from garden centers works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Even though these gerbera daisies are beautiful, most of them were looking really bad. They’re the prettiest big flowers, and the other that I had gotten last year (much bigger size in red) never died back, and flowered from late winter to late fall. It’s flowering happily now.

The lavender azaleas’ flowers won’t last much longer and I love purple flowers, so I picked two of them up at half price, though I’d like to get some that are thrice blooming. Those are nearly 10 times the price of these. So maybe next year.

I’m working on The Bounty Hunter Gets Her Wolf now, this is Sarandon Silver’s story. I’ll have to turn in the synopsis soon, so hoping to get a head start on it so that when I write the synopsis, it will work for this book. 74,000 words to go!

My one neighbor works on his garden all the time, so I have to keep up with the Jones’s. My neighbor across the street makes a concerted effort too. I keep adding perennial flowers, hoping they’ll expand and take over, but last year I had just moved in, so it’s a work in progress.

Then yesterday, my other next-door neighbor was planting flowers (they’re new, and the other before them didn’t plant flowers). Oh no! Now I have to redouble my efforts. lol I have two Jones’s to keep up with. And you know what? That’s nice. Pretty landscapes.

sky pencil holly tanner checking out manure 900 005

I planted more of the sky pencil holly yesterday when it was cooler in the morning. It’s getting so hot and muggy in the afternoons already. Here, Tanner is checking out the manure compost soil, wondering who was scent-marking his yard! I still have to plant 9 more holly to reach the end of the fence.

Off to work. Another beautifully foggy morning.


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4 thoughts on “Rescued Flowers

  1. I love flowers. My hubby takes care of the mowing and weed eating but the flower beds are all on me. Our next door neighbor has the absolute worst yard in the entire subdivision. Very frustrating

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    • That’s wonderful, Linda, for you!! Ugh, on the neighbor. I wonder if you could plant plants that would screen him from your view? We have one like that a few houses down, maybe 4, and they don’t ever water. So they have weeds and dead grass.

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