Fairy Houses & the Fae

The fairies were trying to distract me yesterday. Really, they were. But I persisted and finished the edits on Flight of the White Wolf, sent it to my 2nd beta reader, got the word count on Bounty Hunter Gets Her Wolf and planted the boxwood.

Wait, you say, BUT you said you were going to get the proofing done on Exchanging Grooms too.

Did I say that? Okay, didn’t quite make it on that, but I did finish proofing over half of it, will finish it and make changes to the manuscript and send it in again for review by the print company before lunch time.

And, work on my word count for Bounty today. 10,000 words, 70,000 to go. At 2,000 words a day, it’s doable!

It’s pouring out!! Lightning, thundering. It’s the same as in the storms I wrote about in Flight. That’s some of why I wanted to get the plants in the ground yesterday before the rains started later in the day. Today is going to be a rain day. A vampire day….

Have a great day, even if the fairies come out to “play” with you. That’s never a good thing, by the way. Missing keys. Things stop working. Believe me, I know.


See? What did I tell you? One of the fae slipped away.

The Ancient Fae



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