Welcoming Garden Guests

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Last year these annual pentas grew huge and the butterflies and hummingbirds loved them. I planted them between holly, figuring they would give some color while the holly were filling in. But the flowers filled in nicely and they attracted butterflies and hummingbirds, an added attraction. So I wasn’t sure if I could plant them this year because the holly are bigger now. But then I figured, sure, why not? I planted them in front and behind, instead of in between and in one corner where I have non-flowering tulips, and one bearded iris is beginning to show up.

Max, my white Havanese pulled up one of the irises, and I had to chase him down to  plant it back in the ground. They like to pull up grass and chew on pieces, so to him, it was just a dead piece of grass. NOT. 🙂

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And Exchanging Grooms is now available in print!

EXCHANGING GROOMS NEW--Enyssala font top E (533x800)

Lisa Robbins has one mission in mind–sell back her UNUSED wedding dress to the wedding shop, but when she has no success, maybe she’s going about this all wrong.

Peter Crawford is intrigued by the woman who has somehow hooked Dallas’s most eligible confirmed bachelor, Pembrooke Hastings, Peter’s staunchest enemy. Not only had she gotten a commitment from him, but she left HIM standing at the altar. Dating the vivacious woman certainly appeals and Peter wants to know just how she hooked Pembrooke, but also why she didn’t marry him.

Lisa Robbins is not dating and not marrying anyone, so she assures herself, her family, and her boss. But when Peter takes an interest in her, she’s wondering just what to do about Dallas’s most eligible confirmed bachelor number two, when he just won’t take no for an answer.

B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/exchanging-grooms-terry-spear/1102680378?ean=2940012920652


In audiobook too: https://www.amazon.com/Exchanging-Grooms/dp/B00GLM594I/

Now you can understand why a bridal shop wouldn’t take back a “used” wedding gown, but really, if it hasn’t been altered or worn???

Have a fun day!


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  1. B&N sure has my number. Every time I follow your link I wind up buying whole bunch. Ha Ha

    But I like it that way. Thanks

    • lol, I’m glad!! 🙂 <3 It's nice to take a break from life and just fall into another world where we don't have to …OMG, a hawk just flew a dove into the window. —uhm, live in the real world. 🙂

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