New Predator in the Garden!


So I left the country to live in a city and I’ve got hawk problems again. Pictures above from top left to right and down: Hawk at the recovery center in Omaha, Nebraska. Hawk on telephone pole overlooking my side yard. Red-tailed hawk at Balboa Park, San Diego. Sharp-shinned hawk on bird feeder in my back yard, waiting for the birds to return to the seed tray. Are you kidding?

Sure surprised me when I was typing away on my book and a hawk flew a dove into the window, stunning it.

The hawk twisted his head around as he flew after the dove, that dropped to the pavement next to the back door, seeing me, flew to the fence, and parked there. I took a ton of pictures, hoping the dove would revive. I’ve had this happen before–minus the hawk, and move the stunned bird to the front yard (out of the puppies’ reach), and place him under a shrub to recover and then fly away.

The hawk kept returning, missed his meal, but he kept waiting for my birds to return. Sharp-shinned hawk. Might be a Cooper, but from the descriptions of the two hawks, it seems this is a sharp-shinned.

So here is the new hawk, waiting for a meal on wings. ugh. I love them. They’re beautiful. But I don’t want to be feeding the birds to make a smorgasbord for a hawk.

Earlier that day, a whole flock of goldfinches had shown up. Cardinals, blue jays, the red-bellied woodpecker, doves, blackbirds, house finches–I had a full house.

Hawk Fae

Hawk Fae

(The World of Fae, Book 6)

Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Romance » Fantasy

Sometimes doing a good deed can prove to be a disaster, Ena, dragon shifter fae, discovers as she must flee her home. But her staff chooses to go with her and deal with the dangers to reach the safety of the hawk fae kingdom, if the king there welcomes them. The human, Brett, promises to help her escape the marriage to the despicable dragon fae prince, rather than return home to his Earth world. And now all the dragon shifter fae are at risk of having to face the dragon fae king’s wrath.

Esmeralda, the hawk fae king’s sister has been imprisoned by the griffin on their island for half of her life and she finally makes her escape, only she gets herself into even more trouble.

Against her wishes, Ena must forsake Brett on the journey, and he finds his world is turned upside down once again and now he has to survive the life or death trials of the phantom fae kingdom.




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And I wrote 3,000 on Bounty yesterday! So 65,000 to go. I’m determined to keep after it, though I know other things will steal my attention, uhm, besides rescuing birds and taking pictures. And the fae slip in there to create all kinds of havoc–just because I haven’t written their next book.  I just got the next narrated chapter of Taming the Wild Cougar, and need to write a blog for Casablanca. The narrator promises the rest of the chapters this week. And my daughter’s baby is due any day now.

That’s it! Off to write another blog, proof the narrated chapter, type the notes I wrote last night on Bounty, and march on forth!

May the birds of prey always find a meal…somewhere else.

Have a great one.


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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