Only the Shadow Knows

volunteer snapdragon and its shadow 900 016

Volunteer Snapdragon and its shadow, getting ready to bloom. I had tons of them in the flowerbed when I moved in, and a few have sprouted from seeds so it’s always fun having annual flowers that don’t come back, reseed themselves and come back.

I loved its shadow too.

Yesterday, I accomplished a ton of stuff–planted all the flowers I needed to, watered, fed the birds, wrote 5,000 words on Bounty, so not only for the last two days, but also for half of today’s word count. Proofed the last chapter of the narration of Taming the Wild Cougar. Now he has to make the changes and I need to proof them all again, but just for the places where they were changed. And I made the changes to the novella that will be in the re-release in January of Heart of the Wolf. I wrote it 10 years ago, but it came out 10 years ago in 2018. Can you believe it????

I can’t ! They have a new cover for it and I’ll share that when I have permission to.


Orange Leaf in Shadow and Sun

Flamingo shadows, blinds making interesting shadows, and the clouds on the hills in Scotland.

If you’re compositing pictures, shadows make the objects seem like they are truly in the original picture. They give depth.

The shadows of our lives give characters depth too.

So embrace the light and the shadows–they are all part of us. They are what make the picture, the story, life more interesting.

Have a lovely day! I’m caught up! Woohoo!!!


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