Max and Tanner Needing Groomed

I work on the dogs all the time myself, but they needed some extra grooming because with helping out with baby and all the deadlines, I’m not able to brush them out 3 times a day like usual.

I was afraid if I took pictures of Tanner while he was being groomed, he’d want off the table and to leave with me. But he was really good and did his usual posing. I missed Max, which probably was good.

Sometimes you just CAN’T get everything done, and paying for it is the next best thing. Every once in a while. 🙂

Off to write! Hope you have a lovely day!


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One thought on “Max and Tanner Needing Groomed

  1. Tanner and prince Maximilian look wonderful,
    I will never have the patience of having to brush a pet 2 or 3 times a day!
    have a wonderful weekend, with your family

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